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Nigma Capital and Finance - Manage Risk and Uncertainty

NIGMA Capital & Finance, LLC is a Real Estate Private Equity fund sponsor, an advisor to funds that invest in and develop real estate, and a development consultant. The firm pools funds from accredited investors to invest in opportunistic commercial real estate ventures. The funds we sponsor acquire existing properties in need of improvement or better marketing positioning, and develop new properties offering above average risk adjusted returns.

The firm's investments, led by its founder Mr. Carlos Crespo, are structured to offer investors;

  • Attractive cash distributions

  • Preferred rate of returns

  • Long-term capital appreciation potential

  • Superior total risk adjusted returns

  • Conservative leverage

  • Low risk of loss of capital

  • Protection against inflation

  • Reasonable tax shelter

  • Opportunities for Estate planning strategies


NIGMA Capital also offers consulting services to private investors and investment funds on real estate development. Our services offered include feasibility studies, acquisitions due diligence services, development plans, structured finance models, and risk mitigation strategies.


The integrated development plan system that we use in our own developments and offer as a consulting services, incorporates a cohesive, dynamic; but interdependent process that starts with the definition and validation of an objective criterion for the success of the project, and drives the course from design to completion, using a risk mitigation strategy driven by mathematical optimization and financial controls. This systematic approach continuously monitors and corrects the progress of the project in accordance with its declared objectives; minimizing negative impacts and capitalizing on opportunities along the way.


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NIGMA Capital & Finance, LLC is a Real Estate Private Equity fund sponsor, an advisor to funds that invest in and develop...

Our Approach

Our primary investment objective is to reduce the potential for loss of capital by carefully selecting investments based on in-depth...

Why Invest In Commercial Real Estate?

Commercial real estate investments offer many attractive advantages such as long-term capital preservation, return enhancement...

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Consulting Services

The principals at NIGMA Capital & Finance LLC have been investing, developing, building, and intermediating project funding...

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Our aim is to provide superior risk adjusted returns, with current cash distributions, capital appreciation potential, capital preservation and inflation protection.

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Carlos Crespo
Founder and Principle
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